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It was founded out of a revolution.

And then I think about why he was kneeling: unarmed African-Americans being killed by the people who are supposed to be defending them. To me, that is, in fact, the ultimate sign of patriotism: to take a knee.

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After the conversation, when the duo asked if the crowd had any questions or comments, hands flew up. Multiple people visibly flinched when someone asked Lewis to give the crowd examples of racism he had personally experienced.

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White people spoke about feeling powerless. Black people spoke about feeling alienated. The common thread among them was a simple statement: Racism still exists, and we want to do more about it. The road of progress is littered not with miracles, but with rooms full of people united by common cause, being vulnerable with each other for the sake of community.

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Much has been written about the depiction of war and racial prejudice in South Pacific. However, examining such topics in the context of their cultural and political moment both in and and through the lens of Terry Eagleton's unique take on morality, is not only a fascinating study, but an intensely relevant and unchartered endeavor.

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This work concerns the evolution of an American code of ethics as it has been reflected and constructed in both Broadway productions of Roger and Hammerstein's South Pacific c. By so doing, this thesis uncovers answers to the following questions: What were the cultural and political forces at work at the time South Pacific was created both in and , and how did these forces influence the contrasting depictions of war, imperialism and patriotism in each version of the musical?

In what ways were these productions reflective of a code of ethics that evolved from what Eagleton would classify as moral realism prescriptive of behavior to moral nihilism reflective of behavior? How did the use of this increasingly reflexive moral code make this politically controversial musical more palatable, and therefore commercially viable during the contrasting political climates of WWII and the recent war on Iraq?

You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

Determining answers to questions such as these enables us as a society to look back on our history-on our mistakes and triumphs-and recognize our tendency to find pragmatic justification for our actions rather than acknowledging the possibility of the existence of objective truth, which remains unchanged through time and circumstance. Butler, Jayna D. Theses and Dissertations.

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