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He died in London, after a lingering illness. From and during his successor's incumbency the post of Dean of Christ Church, Dublin was held with the archbishopric. George W. Russell described Trench as "a man of singularly vague and dreamy habits" and recounted the following anecdote of his old age:.

Richard Chenevix Trench

He once went back to pay a visit to his successor, Lord Plunket. Finding himself back again in his old palace, sitting at his old dinner-table, and gazing across it at his wife, he lapsed in memory to the days when he was master of the house, and gently remarked to Mrs Trench, "I am afraid, my love, that we must put this cook down among our failures.

Richard Chenevix Trench married his cousin, Hon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Most Reverend. The Story of Justin Martyr and other Poems Sabbation; Honor Neale, and other Poems Poems Genoveva: a Poem, Notes on the Parables of Our Lord Sacred Latin Poetry Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord The Star of the Wise Men Poems from Eastern Sources, Genoveva, and other Poems On the Lessons in Proverbs: Five Lectures The Fitness of the Holy Scripture Alma: and Other Poems Calderon, his Life and Genius, with Specimens of his Plays On Some Deficiencies in our English Dictionaries Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge On the Authorized Version of the New Testament A Select Glossary of English Words Sermons Preached in Westminster Abbey Proverbs and their Lessons Poems: Collected and Arranged Anew Studies in the Gospels A Household Book of English Poetry Plutarch, his life, and his Lives and his Morals Sermons Preached for the Most Part in Ireland Synonyms of the New Testament: 9th ed.

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Lectures on Medieval Church History Sermons New and Old Shipwrecks of Faith: Three Sermons Sonnets and Elegiacs Poetry portal. Richard Chenevix Trench".

Retrieved 12 April A Dictionary of Irish Biography, 3rd Edition. Dublin: Gill and MacMillan.

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Richard Chenevix Trench

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