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A Psi-Tech Novel

Works by Anne McCaffrey. Crystal Singer Killashandra Crystal Line Dragonsblood Dragonheart Dragongirl.

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  • Symphonie Fantastique, op. 14 (Harp Excerpt);
  • The Telepath Chronicles by David Gatewood.
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  • The Telepathic Clans by B.R. Kingsolver.

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Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge!!!!!

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Why should you have to type or dictate information into a computer, when you can control it directly by thought? Why project information onto your eyes when you could send information directly into the brain?

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We live in a world where cochlear implants are already helping the deaf to hear, and retinal implants are beginning to help the blind to see. We live in a world where smartphones and connected wearable devices—watches, glasses, health and fitness monitors—simultaneously receive and broadcast information to and about us through the cloud of the Internet.

In fact, we live in a world where real telepathy has already been achieved. A team at Duke University in North Carolina has, for the first time, demonstrated a direct communication interface between two brains. In the Duke experiments, two thirsty rats are placed into separate cages.

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  8. They cannot see or hear each other, but their brains are wired together via electrode implants in their motor cortices. Each rat will be rewarded with a sip of water if it pushes the correct one of two levers. The experiment, then, measures whether, when the first rat pushes the correct lever, it sends a brain-initiated signal to the second rat, which must then correctly interpret the signal it experiences in its own brain, and push the correct lever. The technology is simple: implanted electrodes capture the signals from the firing of the neurons in the motor cortex, translate them into binary code, and sends the signal—via a wire, wirelessly, or via the Internet to another location—into the electrodes in the other brain, which translates it back into neural signals.

    This was true even when one animal was in North Carolina and the other was in Brazil. Science fiction writers peer into possible futures, using a literary form of precognition, as it were.

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