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Related Categories Father's Day Gifts. Shop all Corkcicle Corkcicle. Sign in to write a review. Search reviews. Review 5 out of 5 stars. Bought for: Spouse Was this review helpful? Singapore has a strong banking foundation and has never had a banking default. Thus, customers can be rest assured that their funds are safe. Once you submit a lending offer, it will be listed on the P2P lending platform for potential borrowers to match. Your lending offer will stay active until it is cancelled manually by you or if it remains unmatched during the bidding period.

You can choose either option when submitting a lending offer. Once your lending offer is matched by a borrower, a legally binding contract is created based on the agreed terms. Please refer to our Loan Contract Schedule at the end of this document for more information. The system will automatically notify you via e-mail and secured notification when your lending offer is matched.

With the borrower agreeing to the User Agreement, a security interest over the parcel s will be created in favor of the lender one there is a loan match. Please note that the borrower's parcel s is, and for the entire tenor of the loan will be, under our custody and will therefore result in a perfected security interest over these parcel s. Your loaned amount will become available in your P2P account on the Loan Due date.

You can then have the funds wired to your linked bank account, use them to purchase metals or use them for P2P loan purposes such as lending out again on the P2P platform. Please click here to find out how to submit a lending offer. Please click here to find out how to accept a borrowing request. Please note that cancellation of Lending Offer will not be allowed once it is filled by a borrower and a loan contract is created. If the borrower defaults or is late in fulfilling their payment commitments, the Sweeper Fund subject to fund availability will provide temporary liquidity so that you will still receive your funds on time.

The Sweeper Fund is a kind of overdraft protection to provide automatic short-term funds. Please refer to the User Agreement for the full policy details when you default on a loan Events of a Borrower Default. Once this happens, the P2P system will automatic initiate a sellback of the collateral parcels which will ensure that the lenders will not receive anything less than the full principal and interest of the loan contract.

The obligation to pay tax on interest income earned varies from one jurisdiction to another. Please seek professional advice from a qualified tax accountant or tax attorney for questions on reporting and payment obligations of the jurisdiction that you are subject to. Frequently Asked Questions. Permalink to answer Secured Peer-to-Peer loans P2P , launched in August , is a way of connecting an individual borrower who owns metals with lenders, without using traditional banks to obtain a secured loan. Permalink to answer Silver Bullion is the agent that provides the infrastructure, custody services, management and platform to allow loan contracts to be entered into between lenders and borrowers based on their agreed terms.

Permalink to answer We charge an administration fee of 0. How does the matching process work?

What are the terms that I can customize? When do the loans start? When is interest paid? Is the interest rate charged based only on the loan amount, or does it compound? Permalink to answer Yes. What are the risks? Permalink to answer There are minimal risks for both borrower and lender. How do I withdraw funds from my P2P account? Permalink to answer To withdraw funds from your P2P account, you would have to simply email us using your Silver Bullion account secure notifications system to instruct us clearly on how much you would like to withdraw.

Where are the P2P client bank accounts maintained? Can a customer opt to use funds from their P2P account to purchase metals or pay storage fees?

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Permalink to answer Yes, make a usual metal order and specify under comments that you want the funds to come from your P2P account balance. What are the terms and conditions of Silver Bullion P2P? Permalink to answer Click here to read the terms and conditions of the P2P lending section of the User Agreement. Why have my lending requests or borrowing offers disappeared from the P2P platform page?

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Is P2P lending similar to bullion leasing or metals leasing? Permalink to answer P2P Lending has nothing to do with bullion leasing or metals leasing. Borrowers Who can be a borrower? Permalink to answer To be able to borrow against your metals, you must have an approved S. How much can I borrow? For gold, you can borrow up to How long could I borrow for? Permalink to answer Currently, borrowers could borrow for 1, 6, 12 or 24 months.

What would be my interest rate when I borrow? Permalink to answer You can set your own interest rate when submitting a borrowing request or can match an existing lending offer if the terms are acceptable to you. What are the charges involved in borrowing?

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Permalink to answer Aside from the interest charge for the loan, Silver Bullion will collect 0. How do I submit a borrowing request?


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Permalink to answer Please click here to find out how to submit a loan request. How do I accept a lending offer posted by lenders? How is my borrowing request matched?

Permalink to answer Once you submit a borrowing request, it will be listed on the P2P lending platform for potential lenders to match. How long is the bidding period?