Scarface (A Sylvia Smith-Smith Novel)

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Sometimes I just wanted to raise my hands and stop. But stop what? Maybe just growing up. This is so beautiful, Luke. It must have been so wonderful to live in those years and be surrounded by all sorts of geniuses! Thank you, Toynbeeconvector. Sorry, Luke. I forgot to leave my name. Luke I just found this post as I started reading Just Kids. It was perfect. Great service as well as a thoughtful frame with which to approach her extraordinary story.

Thanks so much. Luke Storms, one of my favorite online cohorts, writes the site Intense City. Appreciate you putting so much time and energy into sharing your passionate and thorough-as-hell response to this terrific book. It will be one of those pages that stays open in the icon tray of my lap top for ages… so I can keep following up on all the amazing material. Thank you both for the encouraging remarks. This was certainly one of the best books I have read in a long time.

A real kick in the pants to get going and do whatever it is you have been called to do in this little life. Thank you. You never know these days through blogs, Twitter, and social networking, who your reaching or influencing. Luke Storms collected the artists mentioned by Smith. Beth Fish […].

Internet, social networks, blogs and the like were not existing. An intimate and fascinating book, superbly and affectionately written, with intimacy and loving-care. And I would add a compassionate and touching biographer as well. Thank you very much for your comments John. I really enjoyed this book as well. Thank you so very much for taking note about her constant references to music, films, books, etc. Tell you why this means a lot: I had planned to do that as I read it since I usually do that with other books but I got caught up in the book so much, that I read it in 3 days and couldnt barely take down some notes.

Luke, this is fantastic! Her style of writting is infectious and generated an immense thirst for knowledge, so I read the book in front of my computer and must have googled something from every page. I am planning to read it again for the 3rd time after my wife finishes it and will use your excellent blog for the research I need to do.

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Good work! Thank you for taking the time and for devoting your energies to gathering this information….. Just finished the spanish translation of just kids. I am a long time admirer of Patti Smith and really enjoyed the true love tale she depicts in the book.

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I enjoy your blog very much. Greetings from Argentina.

Hi Luke. Vacation time here in southern hemisphere, more reading and family time and less internet at least for me. I agree, a great book. And yours really a great journey. Enjoyed the photos. From Beethoven to Billie Holiday, Andy Warhol to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Times critics have scoured the world of culture to find what you should read, watch and listen to before you hit the big Some of the items on our list have been chosen because we think their power will fade if you discover them later in life. Others may offer some life lessons for adulthood — not all of them positive.

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Scarface (Sylvia Smith-Smith Book 3)

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