Next Generation SSH2 Implementation: Securing Data in Motion

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New security risks, continuously evolving regulation and increasing security standards have created new and growing needs for secure internal information transfers, which SSH provides. This book addresses these new trends in depth, offering the most up-to-date information on the integration of SSH into a security environment. It takes a stream of bits as input and produces a fixed-size output. SHA-1 appears to be more secure than MD5 in many regards.

While there have been some known attacks reported on SHA-1, they are less serious than the attacks on MD5. There are more secure and better hash functions available now, such as SHA, SHA, and SHA, all of which are practically secure with no prior history of attacks reported on them. Although, MD5 is one of the well recognized cryptographic hash functions, it is not ideally suitable for security-based services and applications because it is cryptographically broken.

The SHA algorithm is slightly slower than MD5, but the larger message digest length makes it more secure against inversion attacks and brute-force collision.

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What is SHA? What is MD5? Security for SHA and MD5 — MD5 hash is typically expressed as a digit hexadecimal number and is believed to be cryptographically broken and can have collisions.

Next Generation Ssh2 Implementation: Securing Data in Motion

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