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It helps us to reduce search times by enabling us to quickly locate assets and medical equipment. I started killing more and more of my classmates under water until I jumped out of the water were everyone else was fighting. I remember I became some kind of humanoid crocodile that I did not imagine or see on t. It was cool but wired what does it mean? Middle of a huge pond that had just been populated by alligators, on a pole that had a sign where I was able to put my feel.. I just remember thinking how long could I stay up there, how far could I jump and how long it would take to swim to land… I awoke myself from the dream because of the stress..

I dreamt there were lots of crocs or gators around. But it was a ride in the water where people took the chance of getting bitten. A girl fell of her raft and a croc chased her. Then a young man tries to distracts so she can get back on. Then several other people were falling and were attacked or bitten by the crocs. One man intentionally laid inside the crocs mouth trying to prove something. But he was all bloody. I take on the risk of being punched. I had googles to protect my eyes. I dreamt that i was in a tub full of liquid gold in an ancient decorative room and a three headed crocodile swam up to me.

I felt scared and then it left. Does anyone know what this means. There was also this dark haired woman who said it was an eqyptian god. Funny, Im from finland and have never studied or seen crocodiles or eqyptian religions. Im not even religious. I dreamed that me and my sister were walking down a trail in the woods but it was in the middle of the river and trees all around.

I had a vision I walked to this light blue ground and I saw a alligator to my left moving slowly up on the land, then I stepped over this shedded skin from an alligator it was not alive nor moving, I saw another allagator to my right and he was on land and moving slowly, what is your interpretation of this vision? So I just woke up from this dream. My boyfriend and I went to my home and so did my sister and her boyfriend.

I just remember being in the kitchen and I see my sister boyfriend. He is about to warm up his food in the microwave, so I helped by moving the red plastic cup.

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I go to wash my hands and my boyfriend comes by and says something to me. I smile at him and he walks away. Once he walked away. I felt like something was missing. So after I finish washing my hands I give my sister boyfriend a good bye hug and I sprint to the living room grab a pair of pants throw them on and open the door looking for my boyfriend.

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There was a crocodile or alligator head on my family porch. It would just sit there by the stairs. Every time, I opened the door, it would not snap at me or become aggressive. Once I ask my family why it was there, they pretended it was somewhat normal and I said well it keep changing faces.

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Everyone just looked at me and just responded somewhat shocked and then continued on with what they were doing. So I opened the door looked at the alligator or crocodile and I hissed at it.

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The crocodile looked at me and snapped. It then turned around, within a blink it was looking at me again.

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Just sitting there. If possible can someone translate this to me? Symbolizing the many faces of ourselves, being at the family gathering of sorts , may represent the many different ways to which you carry yourself in regards to relationships with the different people in your surroundings. Your reaction to the alligator you gave was a sign of you coming to see the truth and confronting it with resistance.. I dreamt last night that I was on a river bank and there were two crocodiles there with me. I walked up the bank to take photos of them as to warn others that there were crocs in the river andI was suddenly in my room taking pictures of them.

They were not aggressive and I was not scared, but did move away from them. I dreamt this morning was driving, I looked up and out through my sunroof of my current SUV and there was an alligator not actively trying to get in but there. I tried a Fri different ways to rid my car of it with no luck.

I even tried opening the sun roof slightly to push it off but it only tried to get in. I was driving in the country, lots of deep green trees around me. I was not frightened, just uncomfortable. I woke from the dream thinking I must remember to look into alligators in dreams. I went back to sleep and as each dream ended I thought I must look into alligators in dreams….

Never had a dream about alligators before. I always have animal dreams but this one has stuck with me….

Someone please tell me what my dream means….. I had a dream last night of a big family like gathering…I was picking up things on the floor. I noticed I had a bracelet with a charm in my hand at the time. I finished and began walking into another room where I placed a candle haphazardly on a table…a girl I know only from FB caught it..

I moved around in a crowded room and sat on the sofa next to her to tell her she had good hands catching the candle before it fell. She had green makeup on her face and I asked if she could make my face up. I had on makeup and I went on to describe apparently some difficulty I was having with it. She then wipes her green make up off with one swipe. Then who I take to be her mother inquires as to where does it hurt. And she says wait.. She says a crocodile is coming. He is apparently there regularly watching for crocodiles.

After a short time he says here comes one and insist that I climb up the bars…I climb up and sure enough the croc appears. He stands just as he makes it beneath me. I realize at this point I should have climbed further up. The crocodile begins walking in the direction in which I have come. I wake up? Any assistance would be a appreciated. Thank U. I normally do not respond to these but I find that dreaming of alligators represents a pivotal point in your life.

The tiny dogs are symbolic of what is important to you. The fact that they are in the bay symbolizes you have put things you value in life in jeopardy. I had a very similar dream with the only exception being the dog was mine and there was one large alligator My dog was not killed because under my foot was a baby hatched alligator and I chose not to harm it.

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You have hidden strength and power inside you the jumping back and forth is a sign for you to talk into that before what you value will be taken. You are being called to take action. I walked outside and looked for him only to see him moving away … then he returned and was under a bush and he moved across the grass as he did a large I mean giant oddly shaped bird almost the same color began following it. At first I thought the bird was attacking the croc then they settled and both just on the little hill beside the house ….

It going to believe I have a croc and a giant bird in my back yard. But one day him and my nephew were outside and had my nephew on his mouth slowly closing it. I dreamed I was eating cooked alligator meat. There were five small alligators beside me that were dead and ready to be dress to eat.

April 15, 2010

There was one alligator still alive and it tried to bite me. Could somebody share some light on this dream it was very vivid. I instantly had a message for you from my guides that your ignoring your intuitive gifts.