Le Livre des Médiums (Annoté) (French Edition)

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The chapel had originally been dedicated to the Mary, but, as attested by documented sources, the patronage changed between and , and the chapel was dedicated to St. Collection of German medical texts. The beginning is missing, then the Ordnung der Gesundheit for Rudolf von Hohenberg pp. Herbal book with excerpts from the Macer Floridus by Odo von Meung pp. At the end on p. The manuscript, originally from the library of Aegidius Tschudi no. Late medieval prayer book. The first part contains an incomplete Office of the Virgin fol.

The Office of the Dead fol.

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The beginning of the Office of the Virgin as well as possibly a calendar preceding it have been lost. The fact that the patron saints of St. Gall, St. Gall and St. Othmar fol.

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Benedict suggests a provenience from the Monastery of St. The manuscript is written in Gothic script; it is decorated with numerous initials executed in gold leaf and with colorful vine scrolls in the margins of individual pages. The beginning of the Office of the Dead fol. The cut leather binding with the monogram S, created by a master whose name is unknown, is particularly noteworthy.

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The covers show the two Princes of the Apostles, Peter front cover , with book and key and Paul back cover , with book and sword , surrounded by rich vine scroll ornamentation. The Abbey Library of St. Gall was able to acquire this manuscript in June at a Christie's auction in New York from the collection of the American brewer Cornelius J. Song collection of St. Gall organist Fridolin Sicher; 49 songs for three to five voices in 16th century mensural notation without texts. Several pieces give the name of the composer and the beginning of the text in French, Italian, Flemish or Latin.

Usually one piece fills a double page, less frequently all three or four voices are arranged on a single page dor. This manuscript consists of two-parts bound together; the first part pp. The second part pp. These discourses are meant as prefaces to Manfred Barbarini Lupus' compositions for several voices in Cod.

Enck defends polyphonic music against widespread criticism, for example for its presumed lascivia wantonness , and postulates an ideal for church music consisting of a combination with a chorale as the foundation and figural music as embellishment. Thus he describes precisely the compositions of Barbarini Lupus. At the end of the first discourse pp.

Composite manuscript in Latin and German. The texts, which are presented in no systematic order, can be grouped as follows. Geomancy: Latin treatise with schematic drawings pp. Medicine: recipes, in German pp. Iatromathematics: lunarium, in Latin pp. Astronomy: calendar pp. Prognostication: prognostics for thunder, in German p.

Le Livre des médiums, partie 1, Allan Kardec, Audio Livre en Français, French

Alchemy: recipes for alchemy, in Latin pp. Treatise on chiromancy, in German, commencing with a colored pen drawing of two hands with the lines of the hands pp.

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Other items: incantations, in German p. The manuscript, written in various hands, is from the library of Aegidius Tschudi no. Several scribes contributed to the writing of this small-format manuscript between and , among them Gallus Kemli, the wandering monk of St.

The manuscript with the spine label Miscellanea Regularia Liturgica et Medica is preserved in its original binding; in addition to the Consuetudines Sublacenses , it contains more reformist writings from the late medieval reform movements of Subiaco and Melk. These writings include prayers of grace at meals which vary throughout the church year according to the feast days pp.

At the back there are medical treatises, among them p. The table of contents on the inside front cover was written between and by Fr. Recipes for medicines pp. The manuscript is from the library of Aegidius Tschudi no. This composite manuscript is written in a delicate script, probably in the 12th century at the Monastery of St. Gall; its first part pp. This is followed in the second part pp.

This work presents the Christian Church's first attempt of formulating a comprehensive view of death and of the last things. At the end of the manuscript, which from p. Composite manuscript containing lives of saints in verse and other theological texts: life of St. Gall, in verse Vita Galli metrice , possibly written by an Irish scholar Moengal? This only surviving copy of the prose story Frau Tugendreich was written by an unknown author in the circle of Emperor Maximilian I in the second decade of the 16th century.

An external narrative frame presents a discussion between a young narrator beholden to the courtly ideal and his more experienced master, who clings to a traditional view of women, about the value, significance and conduct of women. Unfortunately from p. This copy, written in East Swabian dialect by scribe A.

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This composite manuscript from the Monastery of St. Gall is significant in terms of textual history; it contains copies of monastic texts regarding reform movements of the first half of the 15th century. Among other texts it contains the Consuetudines Sublacenses pp.

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Gall about the reform efforts of the general chapter pp. The latter contain liturgical directives for the worship service as well as rules for daily life in and for the organization of the monastic community of Kastl in the Upper Palatinate Bavaria. Later these Consuetudines circulated widely and influenced monastic life in many other monasteries in Southern Germany, including in St. The manuscript's original limp vellum binding was restored in the 19th or early 20th century with severe alterations to the original substance of the codex. These two parchment double leaves were found in by state archivist Paul Schweizer in book bindings in the State Archives of Zurich; they were held there under the shelfmark C VI 1 II 8a until As conclusion to the long-term dispute about cultural assets between St.

Gall on 27 April The leaves are from a passionary; they contain eleven partially fragmentary chapters of the oldest version of the life of St. Gall Vita sancti Galli vetustissima as well as the beginnings of the Passions of the evangelist Luke and the apostles Simon and Judas. The latter text for October 28th has the number 80, suggesting that the passionary once comprised more than 90 texts.

On the spine label and on p. The codex is written in two columns; one column, often very narrow, gives the biblical text, the other gives the commentary in lines of half the height. References to authors consulted by Peter Lombard are given in red in the margins. At the beginning of each letter, there are two initials for the biblical text and for the commentary painted in opaque colors on a gold background p.

These exhibit features of the so-called "channel style", which was popular on both sides of the English Channel around According to the colophon on f. The lemmas are set off by rubricated initials; space was left for larger initials which, with few exceptions, were not realized. Alexander and Theodor in Ottobeuren; in the 20th century it has been in the possession of the Library of the Canton of Jura. First part of a Bible second part in Ms. The manuscript was produced in the same workshop as Ms.

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