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More Poetry From Books. In my view this poem is one of the most important history lessons for those interested in Africa. The words and the symbolism in this poem are simple but very powerful at the same time. The Africa narrated to the author by his grand mother was a bliss of nature itself soiled by sufferings inflicted by others.

This contrast of beauty and horror is everywhere in the poetry. The landscape of Africa made of rivers, savannah is none other than a kind of heavenly place, yet there is blood, and this blood is dark.

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The blood is described as beautiful but it is sadly dark. Yes Africa is the dark continent by the colour of its inhabitants but Diop finds it beautiful and it has been darkened by force labour under the whip. However the most important message of the poem is that Africa MUST break way from its apparent resignation to suffering.

For those who see this poem as a hope message , I say yes but it is more about breaking away from bondage. Remember this poem is a tribute to Africa and a negritude poem, it is an anthem of struggle by an African whose dream of seeing Africa with his own eyes never came true, but He never felt any less of an African. Today as an African who left the continent 15 years ago, I also dream of this idealistic Africa of green landscape, rivers and savannahs. My son has yet been to Africa but it my hope that he will cherish that part of him, even if he is half European.

This poem is the dearest to my heart. I am so proud to be African, so proud of our humility and all I wish is to inject the entire continent with confident and positive energy. I wish one day I will be able to do so Best poem ever! I have also read this poem several times and considered it a passionate cry for recognition and freedom from alienation by the author who himself barely knew Africa.

Can anyone out there refresh me on this? We were made to memorize both the English and the French version and I tell you it was great, although, I must confess, the total meaning of the poem was not completely evident to me.

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I could still recite some parts of the poem both the French and English version but I needed to get it right again! Alas, as I searched the internet, I found this great work, where both versions have been placed side by side. God Bless you for this…I am going back to memorize and internalize this great master piece again…Sure it is gonna make me feel good and maybe start really reflecting on who am I…An African…Yes, A true African.

God Bless Africa………. I had to google this poem and even ask for the examples on the net just to help my precious baby pass his poetry exam at age 11! What a disgrace for me not to have known such a great poet and now today I came back for it to add to my Business Strategy Meeting Write up about my role in the African market and my recommendations for budget year I am student from India. I started liking and respecting Africa after I read this poem. The poem seeks to both inspire and make me think. This poem is overflowing with nationalism and love for ones country.

Just goes to show that nationalism still exists. Which makes me really happy, because nationalism is something every country needs. Just like a hero. Being nationalistic is like being a hero. Which is exactly what David Diop is to Africa because of this poem. Im not African or anything but this poem really inspires me to love my own country more.

I remember reading this during english time. Saying Philippines again and again made me proud. This poem is just really amazing. And im glad that we took this up during english time:D. Well I dont know what to say about this poem!!! I was born in Senegal. Like what these people say they force me to memorize it until it become a part of me heart. Anyway if there is anyone who knows where to find the peom of the death of David Diop la mort de david diop by his friend Birago Diop please let me know.

My email is awa. I also memorized this poem in primary school and I noticed the errors in the english translation above. Africa, my Africa Africa of proud warriors in ancestral savannahs Africa of whom my grandmother sings On the banks of the distant river I have never known you But your blood flows in my veins Your beautiful black blood that irrigates the fields The blood of your sweat The sweat of your work The work of your slavery The slavery of your children.