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And I didn't. River's Edge was incredibly detailed and vivid and gave me everything I needed to make the story come to life in my mind, every monster, every creature, spirit and adventure was there for me. Some so vivid it could give you nightmares. Erin Keyser Horn has an incredible imagination and I am glad that I got to visit, even if it was for just one book. There was nothing I didn't like about River's Edge. The characters were fun, detailed, and deep. The world was eloquent and real. I could have been camping next to that river it was so real.

Everything about the story was captivating, from the reader's voice, the pacing, and the different voices the reader used.

Apr 15, Amanda rated it it was amazing. A suspenseful and captivating read! River's Edge is a thrilling tale with modern twists on Slavic mythology centered around a strong female character, Kasia, who in gaining new truths about herself and her family begins a journey of self discovery.

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She not only finds herself battling terrifying creatures in the River or surrounding it's Edge's she also struggles to win a battle within. The suspense and thrill of the read kept me turning page after page and I found it incredibly hard to put i A suspenseful and captivating read! The suspense and thrill of the read kept me turning page after page and I found it incredibly hard to put it down until it was finished.

The plot was captivating and the creatures were alluring. I couldn't wait to get to the next page to find out more about them.

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  3. Immortals of the Mississippi.

Can definitely say it is one of my favorite reads and will be picking it back up for a second read soon. I can't wait to dive into book two and see what these awesome characters will do next. Anxiously awaiting it's release!

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Apr 22, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: modern-fiction , young-adult. River's Edge is even better than Eyes of Lightning! Erin Keyser Horn has out done herself. River's Edge is another story with a strong female character struggling with new knowledge about herself and her family. Her new found powers have given her a new view of the world and her responsibility in it. It may be considered Young Adult, but it is something adults would enjoy as well. Kasia is inspiring in her desire to serve humanity and th River's Edge is even better than Eyes of Lightning!

Kasia is inspiring in her desire to serve humanity and the environment in the best way possible. Her bravery in the face of impossible odds is heroic. Blayne is an amazing young man who is willing to stick with Kasia through it all. And that is just 2 of the characters!

Pick this book up today and you will probably have it finished tomorrow.

You won't be able to put it down. View 1 comment. Aug 26, Amber Kerkove rated it it was amazing. Absolutely loved this book.

It was enthralling, it kept my attention the entire way through. I absolutely loved it. I would recommend anyone who loves a good, solid, well paced YA, needs to pick this book up asap! Jan 14, Got My Book rated it really liked it Shelves: more-please. Also posted on my blog Got My Book. Both books are available on audio.

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Unfortunately, her summer internship is about to pitch her into close contact with both. He gains one point for each scummy characteristic, and Zero is the only passing score. No grading on the curve. No consolation prizes. No exceptions. We judge on the following criteria: 1. Lewd grin 2. Over-friendly eyes 3. Fake deep voice or pickup lines 4. Chauvinism 5. Being male My new boss is infected with a Y chromosome, which makes him an automatic loser on the Scum Scale.

I try to feel sorry for him. Although they are both attracted from the beginning, their relationship develops over time. No love triangle! Jen and I walk to her car as the guys drive away. And I have the perfect nickname you can use for him: Scottie the Hottie! Or how he tries to glare radiation into my head? You have a lot in common with him - not just the biology degree at Western, but also your personalities.

And it was nice to read about something other than vampires and werewolves for once. Maybe instead of teaching Kasia that all men are scum and to be avoided difficult to do outside a monastery, since they are half the population , her mother Katia should have taught her that men are people too and she should avoid them for their own protection. But that would have required honesty and openness. There is quite a bit of lip smacking during the first minutes. Thankfully it settled down and was better after that.

I'm too tired to keep my guard up for long.

You chose to ignore me rather than explain why you upchucked that granola bar. All I want is to do my job and let you do yours. Talk to Me - Any recommendations for other books that cover similar Russian mythology?

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Apr 29, Lou rated it it was amazing. Kasia had always been told by her mother to stay away from water and from men, and she always has. Because of this advice Kasia has a scum scale which she uses to rate the men she does meet. The time has come for Kasia to head off to start her internship working in the Prairie. When she gets there she is informed by her boss Scott that he wants her to work with Blayne on the river.

So on her first day in a new job Kasia has managed to blow her mother's two rules! When Kasia and Blayne begin working in a canoe on the river monitoring turtles, Blayne 'falls' in the river, so Kasia does the only thing she can and jumps in to try and save him. Whilst trying to save Blayne Kasia discovers things both in the river and about herself too.