Boogers Are Blessings

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Bill also provided the illustrations for God Said It and. Bill is the illustrator for the Mr. Henry's Wild and Wacky products-the covers for the audio and video products, as well as the upcoming books-featuring Frank Peretti. Bill lives in Nashville with his wife and two kids. He received Arts and Law degrees from Sydney University and worked briefly in a corporate law firm before turning his attention to Education. He has a Masters Degree in teaching Philosophy to children and has written six textbooks in the areas of Legal Studies, Philosophy in Schools, and English.

Amy Parker has made her mark as an experienced and versatile writer and editor who has a particular enthusiasm for children's books. She authored the bestselling A Night Night Prayer and has collaborated with authors ranging from a New York Times bestseller to her own son.

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Book Overview Author Info. But, to my relief, there was no noticeable trace of elephant mucus in the shower.

I regained my senses just in time for another splash of water to drench me. And then there was a third. And a fourth.

This was not something I had ever imagined doing. But, despite my skepticism, I did not regret it. I could see exactly why tourists enjoyed doing this. And, more importantly, my Madurai street credentials remained in tact. Let me be clear, getting showered by Laxmi did not change the course of my fellowship. It did not provide me with any new skills.

It certainly did not increase my productivity at my job, or help me make a greater difference for the people that my host organization serves.

Overcoming My Fear of Cold Water and Elephant Snot

But, in the long run, I can safely say that moments like my elephant shower have enriched my experience in India. But while this work has, in every sense of the word, challenged me and contributed to my world perspective, it is does not encompass my entire fellowship experience. However, I rarely reflect on these lighter, but equally enriching experiences. Until now. The moments and experiences described below will likely have little to no impact on my professional career.

But they are equally important to a well-rounded life. I chatted with a living saint. Amma Amritanandamayi — known as the hugging saint — came to Madurai for two days. My co-fellow, Brian, was set on seeing her. I consider myself an expert hugger, so I decided to tag along to what the big deal was about. I may not have been the most righteous of believers, but I handed it to Amma for drawing in a crowd in the thousands.

Boogers Are Blessings

Every person averaged a good 3 seconds with her, which included a hug and a short blessing. However, after giving me a hug, Amma broke with her original rhythm and started talking to me. We chatted in Tamil for a good forty seconds. I told her that I am working in Madurai for the year but will go back to Washington DC in the summer. I am rediscovering my inner Karagattakaran. My routines felt static. I was not learning anything new while living in the United States. Retirement seemed imminent. It is far from easy.

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She expects a high level from her students. She will make me correct my form. Sulochana is ensuring that I improve every aspect of my craft. I would not have it any other way.

Boogers Are Blessings (eBook) by Michael Parker, Amy Parker, Michael McDermott, Bill Ross (Author)

I met a former US President. It was a memorable five minutes with Bill Clinton. You can read all about it on the AIF website! I joined a tennis club. Let me be the first to admit that I am not a jock. True story. Nothing feels better than cracking a backhand crosscourt or hitting a serve as hard as I can — and watching it actually land precisely on the outside line of the opposite service box. In Madurai, I play on sand courts where the ball bounce is exceedingly low and otherwise unpredictable. But, despite the fact that I have to make adjustments to my swing and footwork, I am enjoying my time on the court.

Forget losing sets.

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We have yet to lose a game. My two younger cousins got married during my time in India.