Alcohol at Work: Managing Alcohol Problems and Issues in the Workplace

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Reducing alcohol-related harm in the workplace

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Managing drug and alcohol misuse at work

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Alcohol consumption can have long-term impacts on an individual's health. Regular drinking can cause long-term damage to the body and there are a significant number of alcohol-related diseases and health problems caused by alcohol consumption in Australia, including:. Patterns of alcohol use vary across industries and occupational groups. Some industries and occupational groups report higher proportions of risky or harmful drinking patterns than other occupational groups. This can be influenced by the people employed in the workplace, the nature of the work, the work environment and workplace culture.

Population groups reporting they are most likely to engage in risky drinking include 3 4 :. The availability of alcohol and workplace culture including attitudes, behaviours and expectations around drinking in work-related environments can influence individual alcohol use and drinking patterns and the impact of alcohol-related harm on the safety and health and overall productivity of the workplace.

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Workplace factors, including working conditions, workplace customs, practices and environments can increase the risk of individual alcohol use and influence individual drinking patterns including: 4. Alcohol use and harmful drinking can have a number of adverse impacts on workplaces 6. These include:. Monitoring work-related alcohol use and its effects on safety, health, and behaviour in the workplace is everyone's responsibility.

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All employers and employees have safety and health responsibilities and obligations in relation to the workplace. Relevant industry and occupational legislation relating to alcohol, as well as specific workplace policies and procedures, where they exist, also applies. Maintaining an awareness of and knowledge around alcohol safety and health obligations is important. Developing a safe workplace culture, aimed at preventing and managing alcohol-related harm and issues in your workplace, is a process that is best served by employer and management commitment and the involvement, support and cooperation of all employees including managers, supervisors and safety and health representatives.

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Good workplace responses should be consistent with your workplace's occupational safety and health framework and overall approach to risk management. Responses that incorporate a range of strategies targeted at both the employer and employees and those that are tailored to the unique needs of your workplace are more likely to be effective 4 8.

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National Alcohol Indicators Bulletin No. Reducing alcohol-related harm in the workplace An evidence review: summary report , Victorian Heath Promotion Foundation, Melbourne, Australia.

Alcoholism in the Workplace - Alcohol Rehab Guide

Flinders University. Alcohol and the Workplace: the right and responsibilities of employer. Guidance Note Alcohol and Other drugs at the Workplace.

Drugs and work: responding to alcohol and other drug problems in Australian workplaces. Want to Talk to Someone Now? Call the Alcohol and Drug Support Line on 08 or toll free for country callers.