911 Hello Mr. God: A Spiritual Journey into a New Era of Human Evolution

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But that is not the case here even though multiple capital crimes have been committed. However all it takes is a forensic examination of one aircraft part that does not belong to American Airlines to expose the whole story. At the 45 second mark you find the airline name stamped on a plate e. You might want to start there.

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Perhaps your numerous contacts in Washington, DC could point you towards the individual s who have pieces to this government created rebus. Another one for Asia Cottom is pending.

No, I did not ask you to prove a negative. I welcomed you to provide a hypothesis that better explains the evidence. How could I or anyone else including yourself offer an alternative and plausible explanation as to what hit the Pentagon since the government has in its possession all the video evidence that tells the true story about this horrific crime? You showed photographs of human remains and assume the bodies are flight 77 passengers while disregarding the Pentagon employees who perished in the west wing as well.

How does that fact reconcile with your close minded opinion? There were many eye witness accounts but the one that stands out in my mind is Penny Elgas. Her recall of the event was too detailed and used a style of prose that suggests she embellished her rendition to add drama and suspense. You ask me to offer a different explanation as to what flew into the Pentagon.

You believe it was flight 77 because the government and the media says it was, even though no major aircraft components were found outside the Pentagon such as the tail, wing, etc. The plane was moving at high speed when it impacted the building and burst into flames yet the tail and other identifiable parts e.

I suggest you ask the U. Department of War because they know the truth. As for me, the real story is the hoax sold to the American people and you. Anyone even remotely familiar with my work exposing government and media lies — including the lie that fire caused the free fall collapse of WTC 7 — will recognize what a ludicrous suggestion that is. I know it was Flight 77 because the evidence that this was so is incontrovertible. It is flawed and here is why:.

Understandably he could not duplicate what he believed happened in a controlled test so In order to properly correlate his explanation to a similar event, he would have had to pick a historical aircraft crash that represented a large plane flying through the air at high speed, approximately 4 feet off the ground when it terminated its flight by impacting a 77 foot high solid object. The physical evidence of such an event would have supported his theory.

Obviously he was unable to that.

How America Lost Its Mind

The F4 Phantom in terms of size and mass as compared to a Boeing is significantly less. It has not been proven by anyone including the author of this article that it happened either by experiment or by any mathematical calculus. Close your eyes, click your heels, and say: No plane hit the Pentagon! No plane hit the Pentagon!

They played the towers videos being hit by the planes all day and then for weeks after and we still have video of it. Why not show the video of your non existent hitting the Pentagon? Why should they release more evidence — they had so much fun watching some of the truthers discredit themselves … hundreds of people saw the plane go into the building, hundreds more plucked plane parts, luggage, bodies from the rubble. Would they want to lay to rest a mistaken hypothesis, when it misdirects the efforts of so many? It may be that the question is not What have they got to hide?

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Your argument is a non sequitur. The evidence of a plane impact is incontrovertible and, yes, I know what that word means; hence my repeatedly using it. Where did the wings go? Do you expect that the wings would have just sheared off and been laying there intact on the ground in front of the Pentagon?

How do you know, that the Government withholding more than what it has already released, including the two gate cams recorded at 1 fps? Do you really think that the Pentagon has all its CCTV cams pointed on to the fly path of the attacking aircraft? The problem with most of the no-airliner propoents is, that they usually do all ignore the photographic and testimonial evidence because it contradicts their belief.

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Explain to me how a missile, truck bomb or a Global Hawk can leave such wreckage, plant DNA and create the photographically recorded damage path outside and inside the building, and fooling of hundreds of witnesses! All the discussion is around the 85 or so external cameras that surrounded the Pentagon that were confiscated by the FBI. The external short blurred video provided to the public does not show anything conclusive that a commercial aircraft hit the building.

Eyewitnesses and Physical Evidence

What about the multitude of internal CCTV cameras inside the complex? Surely there are some installed on every floor that captured video evidence of a large body moving rapidly through the rings. The military refuses to release any of them, what are they covering up? But if you suspect the government is lying about this monumental epic in American history, then you have to be skeptical about everything we have been told, everything. It hurts your case. And stop saying hundreds of witnesses, only very very few claimed to be impact witnesses so …stop that propaganda.

Why remove a frame from the security camera footage that was released? Seems highly suspicious. The burden of proof is on those making the extraordinary claim, and the claim that a plane hit the Pentagon is very extraordinary never happened before or since. Where are the video tapes? What the men in suits were doing exactly removing stuff, leaving false evidence, etc. Anything found is contaminated. We need a photo or video, and they must have one.

Even if we accept your claim that a frame was removed from the video, so what? Do you have another hypothesis that better explains all the other evidence? Are you trying to suggest that the debris was hurriedly planted there? You are doing the same thing you are complaining other people are doing. And then leaving out the more credible north path witnesses is deplorable. This was dealt with back in , just a regurgitation of a failed theory.

Why would they do this? To seem more relevant, could be…but that makes zero sense. Have a good day, thumbs down to your name calling. Damage path was not consistent with a large airliner, and FDR did not match up with the Pentagon security video either. Please post your photo as I have never actually seen a complete dickhead of your magnitude.

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It would be informative. Your opinion is, like you, worthless. Aside from all the evidence the reason we know it had to be Flight 77 is because the attackers could not have known ahead of time that no one else would film the attack, -that when it was all over, they alone would control all the images. A single picture would reveal the lie.


So it could be held back and no planes disinformation perpetuated, to mischaracterize Truth as loony conspiracism. Stick to the facts. Which is OK by me because he just proves that age old saying is true. Sound familiar?

911 Hello Mr. God

Not to mention all the Vietnamese that were killed. And the only way the government could get the American public to buy into this crap, was to stage or at the very least help stage something that would rattle the nerves of Americans. Now it allows for TSA to grope people at airports. What a bunch of rubbish.