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6 Lazy Life Hacks! Easy Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Health Tips

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By Lisa Ardill Lisa joined the team as senior Careers reporter in July having worked previously in communications for a digital content technology research centre and in media for Science Foundation Ireland. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly hearing that one must take risks.


7 Stress Management Tips for Customer Service Pros

This is often very stressful because the unknown is large and scary. So instead of just taking risks blindly, calculate them so you know what to expect.

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  5. 7 tips to stay healthy when you are stressed.
  6. By taking fear and uncertainty out of the equation, you will find more peace with your decisions. Stress often happens with things seem chaotic. Small business owners put in more hours than a traditional job. This can become stressful and overwhelming. Add in the urge to do it all, and stress is inevitable. Start finding relief by budgeting your time and activities. If you can stick with this time and activities budget, you will be able to stay on task throughout your day without losing time to distraction.

    Take the first step in homeownership Get Pre-Qualified Today! Share this article:. This step should be completed before you begin your home search.

    Stress Management

    Sometimes the underwriter can review your file upfront and provide you with a conditional approval. Satisfying loan conditions : In short, this potential step is somewhat of a task list for you, outlining what conditions you need to still meet before you are fully approved — for example, clearing a debt, proof of insurance, etc.

    The closing process : Also known as the settlement, this is the final step to the mortgage process where all monies are distributed to everyone involved, as well as all paperwork is signed and completed. Submitting for a Loan Mortgage loan application: The document that you will complete when applying for your loan. I recommend completing this and submitting to your lender to potentially receive a conditional approval, before you even start the home search.

    This helps you better anticipate what you will be able to receive from your lender. At first glance, this document can seem pretty lengthy. Credit report: Your credit report outlines your entire credit history and will be reviewed by the lender when assessing your loan file.

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    Pay stubs for the past 30 days: These documents will complement your loan application as proof of income. W-2 forms for the past two years: These will also serve as proof of income and will be sent in with your mortgage loan application. Information about long-term debts, like car loans, student loans, etc. Recent bank statements: These documents will help lenders properly assess your spending behavior, income, debts, savings, and proof of cash reserves.

    Proof of any supplemental income: As you prep for the mortgage process, be sure to record and track all supplemental income. These documents will be needed during the loan application process and will serve as additional proof of income.

    7 stress management tips for mental wellbeing - Nutrition, self-care and sleep tips for stress

    After Submission Pre-approval letter: This document will be sent to you from the lender once your application is reviewed and approved and will let you know how much of a home you can afford. Loan Estimate: After submitting the loan application and upon approval, your lender will provide this document that outlines the full estimated details of terms and costs associated with your prospective loan.

    The Loan Estimate is also helpful when comparing lenders. Appraisal disclosure: Document that says you have the right to receive the completed appraisal report on your prospective home.